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Umm... Yeah. This group is... It's something. If you're easily offended, especially by racial slurs and the such, you may want to just leave.

No offense is intended, of course, but we understand it may nevertheless be easily taken.

If you understand this, you're probably fine to continue without getting mega-triggered. Hopefully.

The Group Edit

Founded in the year 5419, the Cancer Group consists of several strapping young lads (and now even ladies) who have banded together to play video games and do other trashy things like smoke weeb.

There are six 'primary' members, with several supporting fellows who duck in and out of the scene as they wish. Recently, the enactment of the Triggered Twelve milestone commemorates the recent influx of cadets members.

The six (And their most common online username) are:

Hunter - Superepicgecko, superepicgecko, Gecky Christ, Lord of the Trash

ChrisFlamingoScorpiono, Chrisobob, FlameingScorpeon27, FlamingScorpion27, Saint Scratchyarn

Keefe — Huntsman, King of Shit, Saint Huntsman

Jack — Fire_Sheep, George W. Bush, Clari W. Nut, Saint W. Nut

Catman69 — currently known as Cheeto, Neptune, nyaaaaaaa, Saint Nep, Assistant

Kai — He doesn't even have a consistent username so we sometimes just call him "Several boxes with a space in-between", Saint Schwarze

Honorary Intermediary (ed. note—fluff):

Bryan — Inconsistent names. Goes by: Flute, Bryan, Jasone Bone, Anotabear, kittykittykitty, (in conjuction with Catman/Cheeto), Saint HE GETS THOSE, Part-Time Warrior

Cejy — CJAAAAAY, C-gate, CJ

Piff — Collin, Piffalo

Additions (Triggered Twelve):

Chad — HotoDogu, MerDude, Saint HotoDogu

Izzy — izzy422, a lonely faguette, Guardswoman Gecko

Kelsey — Dr.Kelp, Dr.Bloopy, The Doctor, Dr.<insert anything here>, Dr.SnorpyClaus

Soapy — (former) Lolice Chief, amnosia, the moon

Sully — namf, suleiman, namfy, ukewewe, etc.

Eliot — Bryce, Bisquick Bran Muffin, light soup

Tegan — MissTegan, Saint Tegan, MissTeggan, Miss{Festivity here}

Juice — Juic3

Some other fellows that have stuck around (honorable mentions):

Jun — sir-kills-a-lot

Brandon — Ap0p

Kadie — Bedo Batho ando Chroomsoomesos, K/D Far, Kadie Fart


Robert — Robert

Zak — zrbs117

People who have seemingly died:

Taylor — LittleRedToaster

Dana — TehMangoKitten


Italicized text indicates non-group usernames, such as on Steam. Most, but not all, members have and use Steam.

About this Wiki: Edit

The best way to explain it is a strange mashup of reality and fantasy, mixed in with memes and baked in Hitler's oven offensive humor.

Again, no offense or discrimination is intended towards anybody. With that said, very little consideration is given towards avoiding offense. Most group members find the unintelligent masses of people screaming "Discrimination!", "Muh feelings!" and "oppression!" in today's society to be particularly irritating, and as such we do not tailor our words, actions, etc. to self-censor ourselves down into meaninglessness. Except when people are bitches and claim bullshit and threaten Legal action ignoring the satire of the wiki due to them being little snowflakes.

Joining/Playing with us: Edit

You can join our group, or play with us if you want! We welcome new blood, especially other like-minded and chill individuals. Add Superepicgecko or Fire_sheep on Steam and message him how you found us, what you want to do, etc.

To Contribute: Edit

If you're just some rando on the internet, you probably don't wanna contribute anyway. You probably came across this wiki more or less by accident, and now you're gonna close the page and uninstall your OS because of how awful it and those weird channels on youtube are.

In the off-chance you actually meant to come here, appreciate it as of value somehow, and want to contribute we won't stop you or anything unless you mess with the continuity of stuff or dabble in matters you don't know much about. We'd much rather you reach out and talk to us first however.

For group members:

Articles should be in-depth, feature visuals, and be separated into two sections: Reality and Cancer Group Lore. They should also feature links to other pages on this wiki, it IS a goddamn wiki after all. You may offer personal opinions on controversial subjects as long as it is properly sectioned and clearly credited as being your opinion.

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A Snapchat screenshot of the Group's glorious leader.

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What Does Cancer Look Like? - Cancer Research UK

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